Discover The World Around You

Real-time Map

All Flatiron channels and events are dynamically updated in real-time, allowing for simple discovery of local happenings.

Geofenced Channels

Event boundaries are drawn over the map, providing a virtual layer on top of reality.

Quick Information

All of the information you need about an event is just one tap away. View information, photos, and more.

Location-Aware Messaging

Automatic Check-In

Walk into a Flatiron event and be automatically checked into the channel. Instantly communicate with those around you. Only those who are physically present are in the same channel as you.

A Help Desk in Your Hand

Not sure where to go or how to get there? Ask on Flatiron, and those around you can help. Or let Flatiron navigate you to a specific area or booth at an event via GPS.

Timeless Communication

Reach back to any moment in time and start a conversation with the individuals who were at the same event or location as you.

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